Monday, 10 February 2014

Feature: Mareike Böhmer

Shapes and colours are always getting my attention. I discovered Mareike's graphic work on S6, her creativity and use of colours never cease to amaze me. All images on this post © Mareike Böhmer Graphics

Mareike is 30 years old and works as a user interface designer in a small city near Frankfurt, Germany. A web and mobile games designer by day, her creative passions also extend to graphic design and nature photography. Most of her graphic artworks have one thing in common: they are really colorful, bright and highly abstract. Using a plethora of forms and Photoshop as her toolbox, each piece evolves into a mosaic of colors and rough textures. She starts with a more or less abstract idea, then plays with colors, shapes and textures and use all different kind of blending modes till she likes the effect she creates

"Over the past month I have also made some simple graphics that were probably inspired by my trip to Sweden and Denmark in June. It's hard to identify things which inspires me the most. It can be everything which catches my attention. But there are a few things I really love: the clear, timeless lines and shapes found in Scandinavian design as well as the vibrant world of urban street art in my favorite city, Berlin. Nature also serves as an endless source of inspiration, as I transform trees, leaves, flowers, and even the clouds in the sky into motifs reminiscent of graphic patterns. There is nothing more relaxing than spending hours walking through isolated areas and taking photos. From some of these photos I've already made abstract graphics ("Autumn5", "Autumn8", "Abstract Autumn"). I think creating new artworks is a really exciting and surprising journey and I never know what will happen."

Click on Mareike's work and photography to access a wonderful portfolio.

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