Monday, 23 May 2011


I am now the proud owner of a small scanner (Canon lide 210).... who would have thought that scanning would be so much fun.... and quite a lot of work too .....

Even though the process can be time consuming, especially with "cleaning up" (I used to get much dust when doing Impressionist Photography - long exposure + camera movement), as soon as you start moving your camera, dust would appear from hidden places. Now bits of whatever appearing on a scanner mainly from what you're scanning is incomparable to the small amount I had with camera movement :)

I have a lot more ideas I want to try out and still learning to use the scanner in different ways. Also as you can see layering different papers in the background, use of extra light and trying not to scan my own hands is slowly coming along ...... :) this scanner also allows you to scan upright or on it's side.....

If you have an interest in scannography - visit this site - I have many of my own ideas to try out but will certainly try painting on scanner (see the site), a very creative idea which I really want to try out at some point.


  1. Wow, they look great. :-) Cool idea. Now I wish I had a scanner to play with, too. LOL xo

  2. Thanks so much Anne! The site looks interesting and your works are amazing!