Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Feature: Paul Bradley

Feature: Paul Bradley


I have asked Paul for 5 words describing his work:

Abstract, Bold, Minimal, Graphic, Quirky

I have been following Paul's work for several years and whatever the subject matter, I always love his use of space and composition..... Several of my favourites are Paul's Abstract - Urban works; Paul's composition of shapes/textures/colours is wonderful. I also really like his black and white work. Click on his work to view more of Paul's impressive composition and long exposures.

I have been interested in photography for most of my life and now work almost exclusively with a fully digital workflow. I enjoy getting out at any time with a camera (or, more usually, cameras) 

and, living in the North East of England, I have a wide selection of locations and potential subjects available; the area has a rich industrial history and I frequently find myself drawn to the coastlines, fishing villages and abandoned works close by.

I love using a ten-stop ND filter for my landscape and coastal shots, making exposures in daylight at twenty seconds or more, as not only does it provide the cleaner, minimal look I prefer but it also captures the passage of time in a photograph, something which shorter shutter speeds can't do, of course.

My typical equipment would be a digital SLR, wide angle lenses, a ten stop ND and a tripod. Whilst almost all of my work is digital I have a growing collection of vintage film cameras (the oldest being from around 1910) and would love to do more work with them.

Paul's facebook page

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 From the "Abstract - Urban category" on Flickr