Monday, 28 February 2011

Photographer Feature - Annie J Lemay

This is my second Photographer Feature, this time a feature about the photographer Annie J. Lemay.

I started "watching" Annie's works, several months ago, on a site we both upload our work to. My feeds on there show new works from Annie and anyone else I'm watching. I tend to always recognise her work.

What I like the most is probably her composition and use of space, she also works with textures and colours and I always find these to be in perfect harmony, beautifully combined together. Her work often shows minimalism, abstract realism and beautiful vintage colours and moods. 

What Annie said about herself and her photography:

"I am self/taught photographer from Mission, BC, Canada.

I was born in Quebec in 1962 and have lived in East and West Africa, Chicago, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Seattle. I have also travelled extensively throughout Europe with my family (2 sisters and 1 brother) and my parents. All this travelling has had a great effect on how I see the world and the people that live in it…

I was always interested in photography, right back to when my family had a pawn shop in Mission BC. There were always cameras in the shop of every type and value. I always got to use the best of the equipment so I count myself really lucky for that opportunity. However, photography was absent from my life for 20 years, until 2008.
I worked in a reputable customs lab/studio in Alberta and saw some of the finest art come through those doors. It was so inspirational to see and made me want to go out and aspire to what I’d seen.

In 1975 I was given a print of some trees by the legend that is Ansel Adams. I really love his art and it fascinated me just wondering how he got such fantastic art. It was then I thought, “could I do work like that?” I set out to try and emulate a master of his art and am still aspiring to do just that. His art is a benchmark to us all, a true genius.

My interest in photography started first started back in 1975 when my late father who passed away in 2007 gave me my first 110 format camera. My father had a massive influence on my life and this new camera made me look at the world in a different way. It opened up so many doors as to how I wanted to depict what I saw. I was on the road to a life of taking pictures. I didn’t know it would be another 30 years before I would take it up seriously.
It’s moved my photography on to a higher level and learning all the different techniques has been fascinating to say the least. My options with a camera like this are endless and take my imagination where I want it to go. There is so much beauty out there and I’m always on the lookout for the smallest as well as the biggest flower, even weeds are beautiful.
I was asked by “Konica Canada” to volunteer at the Calgary Stampede in 1985. I knew I wanted this in my life.

Photography takes away the stresses of life; it’s an escape in many ways. There’s not a day goes by when I don’t want to take a picture. I mainly take shots when out walking my dog Gizmo. He’s my friend and companion he’s always by my side.

I look forward to the great images I’ll take in the future whatever they may be. The art of photography is part of me now just as it has been for the last 30 years. I feel I’ll never stop learning and guess I never will.
Photography is a gift of freedom, which allows me to fly. Join me on this journey….watch me fly."

Click here to view Annie's wonderful portfolio

Friday, 25 February 2011

Recent works and two cameras.....

These are recent works shot using my Canon 50D and my Canon IS 55-250 mm lens

I experimented more with long exposures and camera movements, close to where I live, here at Hengistbury Head.
These were shot with the same lens at Stanpit Marsh Local Nature Reserve in Christchurch, my idea when shooting was to use different depths of field and angles and show different perspectives. I added a vintage colour theme to them.

(I am now the proud owner of a homemade wooden light box (not yet used), thanks to my son for thinking of making it for his mum and "starting" building it and thank you to my partner Stuart for actually making the box and finishing it :) it has a built-in see-through hard plastic panel. I also have several types of paper to place over it.... watch this space, for some shots using the box soon...)

This tulip macro was shot using the 50D with my Canon 60mm lens, this was shot indoors with natural light in the background.

We were in London recently, and I decided not to bring my 50D but my Canon Powershot SX210 IS instead - fits perfectly in my handbag and I wanted to experiment more with this camera. Set to shutter speed priority and mostly on or around 1/13, while in Hyde Park, I thought I would experiment more with various in-camera techniques. With the following three shots which possibly could be re-titled "the man with the red top" I, II and III, I mainly used long exposures but not much movement (apart from the subjects themselves) as opposed to my previous "impressionist shots" - see Beautiful Blur II

This was shot in Notting Hill.

This is Kensington Church. Apart from the fact that the SX210 is ideal for me to have all the time when not using the 50D, I love the possibilities of wide angles this camera offers. I will certainly be experimenting more with this type of shot.

More works shot in London using various techniques will be uploaded in my portfolios, online, soon. You can access my portfolios using the links on the right.

Next week, I'll be posting my second Photographer Feature.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Use of Space

My favourites works are always the ones with much space around the subject. I love to compose images putting subject near the sides, top or bottom, corners, using space as much as possible. Space often emphasizes simplicity, purity, peace and tranquility and also the subject/message itself.



 Rule of thirds is ideal as to maximise space and "compose negative space" around the subject but be creative too and break rules :)

I'm now using C A T has an avatar for my online portfolios which you can access from here or using the links on the right.