Monday, 11 February 2013

Feature: Carina Povarchik and Angelo Cerantola

Featured in this post, two talented illustrator, digital artist, this feature is showing variety in styles, inspirations and creativity.

As in my previous feature, I have asked Carina and Angelo for 5 words describing their works. You can visit their blogs/portfolios by clicking on their names and work.

Uplifting, whimsical, sweet, happy, children

Carina is a self-taught Illustrator (vector and digital painting) from Argentina. Former computer programming teacher at college.
I love Carina's whimsical designs, the palette of colours Carina uses in her work and her distinct style. Visit Carina's blog where you will find links to 3 videos showing her drawing process. Carina is inspired by children, nature, music, to think everything is possible.

Next time you need a gift for a little person, forget the cuddly toy :) and visit Carina's portfolio (click on her work below) for beautiful prints among other products like throw pillows/cushions. From there you can also access Carina's second portfolio with work in a more grown up style. Many designs are also available printed on fabric 



Angelo Cerantola


Oneiric, layered, harmonious, polychromatic, technorganic

Angelo is an artist and graphic designer inspired by classic Art, pop music, human evolution, technology, science and nature. Some of Angelo's work emphasizes on the blending of photography with graphic elements. Angelo's works shows harmony and clarity with his use of colours and shapes.

I asked Angelo about one of the work featured "Transfusion": "it's very much inspired by the beauty I find in microscopic scientific images of viruses, bacteria and germs, and how natural organisms organize themselves in patterns and systems to carry out their actions."

I find Angelo's vision very interesting as using nature in my own photography, I am fascinated by the patterns nature creates ...  indeed life is beautiful in it's patterns and shapes creating mechanisms it needs to exist. Hence I featured the work below, visit Angelo's blog to view other work. Angelo's work has been exhibited in England and Italy.

Rhapsody in Blue (and Red)
Winter Ballet

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