Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Twelfth Night, Stephen Fry, Olivier Bocquet, Daria Hlazatova

We met Stephen Fry after seeing Twelfth Night at the Apollo theatre.

Today I saw this work by the very talented Daria Hlazatova - click on her work below to access her page and view more of her work.

New works have been uploaded on Saatchi Online

and other pod sites listed on this blog.

Also, la colère de Fantomas Tome 1 is out, by Olivier Bocquet and Julie Rocheleau - the result of a collaboration between Olivier Bocquet (France) (my cousin :) ) and Julie Rocheleau (Canada) - see the brilliant link/video below produced by the publisher Dargaud.

Bande annonce de La Colère de Fantômas 

Recent work of mine can be seen here

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