Monday, 21 January 2013

Feature: Dorit Fuhg, Klara Acel, Sharon Johnstone and Óscar Cesteros

It has been a long time since I featured anyone on my blog. I have recently contacted 4 very talented photographers/illustrators/digital artists such as Dorit and Sharon who I have been  following for years but more recently I have discovered Klara and Oscar on S6.

I feel very fortunate as the media or even the subject is often irrelevant to me, hence many styles of photography and visual art catch my attention. I absolutely love how the following artists, use colours, shapes, space and textures.

I have asked each artists to give me 5 words describing their work. 

Hope you enjoy this post They are all very talented, their name and work are linked to their portfolio/website, which I hope you will visit to view more of their fabulous work.

I feel that, in their own talented way, they all celebrate nature .... life.

Infinite possibilities, beauty, variety, colours.

The first time I saw Klara's fractals work I was mesmerised by her technique/process and what she achieved and how she was reproducing materials so well like glass, stone and wood. Klara's use of shapes and colours are wonderful and works so well in her abstracts. The variety of her work and choice of titles shows Klara's clarity and sensitivity in her expression.

 Shell in dark blue
 Tulip field
 Summer mood

 Tulle hills

Evocative, distinct, moody, classic, atmospheric.
I am always looking forward to seeing new works from Dorit. I love her composition, use of space and light. The mood Dorit portrays comes across so well.... I have linked the 4th photograph below, directly to her "Only in Scotland" gallery which I thoroughly enjoyed viewing (access her website by clicking on her work to view all her galleries). Dorit's composition and her black and white conversion are first class.

 Slow business
 Gateway to the winter forest
 Lost hours
By the Loch

Colourful, macro, abstract, bright and beautiful.

Sharon works with a macro lens, extension tubes, macro twin light and..... coloured papers, feathers, washing up liquid, olive oil and Sharon always comes up with stunning pieces ... Sharon has been producing recent abstracts, creating more shapes and lines in addition to drops and droplets, see the 2nd photograph below. The combination of shapes and colours are beautiful. I find the 4th photograph below, "Silver and blue feather drops" amazing, the feather and droplets are transformed into rising structures...

Bubble abstract with glitter pink and blue
 Rainbow Tangle
 Fairy Rain
 Silver and blue feather drops

Liveness, imperfection, decision, accuracy and simplicity.

When I first saw Óscar's trees (Artificial Trees Series).... I thought they were unique and indeed the liveness was perfectly conveyed. I see nature as beautiful, it's strength, a constant reminder of life, always finding ways to renew and adapt itself. As Óscar commented on his works: " to me, the importance is the life concept from the point of view of biology. Despite the problems, life goes on...". I've also featured work, which is part of Óscar's Geometrics series, subtle and minimal abstract.

Artificial Tree N.17
 Artificial Tree N.19
 Artificial Tree N.17
 Geometrics 4


  1. Happy New Year Anne. This is a very enjoyable blog, Dorit and Sharon have been on my watchlist for years on RB, Klara and Oscar are new to me, both have wonderful work. Like you I very much enjoy new work posted by Dorit, thank you for this post.

  2. lovely interesting blog with wonderful work!

  3. Wonderful blog Anne! I too have been a huge fan of Dorit's work for many years now. Like you I have only recently discovered Klara and Oscar's stunning work, both very talented artists!. Thank you so much for featuring my work in your blog Anne. I look forward to following your next blogs
    Best wishes, Sharon