Friday, 25 February 2011

Recent works and two cameras.....

These are recent works shot using my Canon 50D and my Canon IS 55-250 mm lens

I experimented more with long exposures and camera movements, close to where I live, here at Hengistbury Head.
These were shot with the same lens at Stanpit Marsh Local Nature Reserve in Christchurch, my idea when shooting was to use different depths of field and angles and show different perspectives. I added a vintage colour theme to them.

(I am now the proud owner of a homemade wooden light box (not yet used), thanks to my son for thinking of making it for his mum and "starting" building it and thank you to my partner Stuart for actually making the box and finishing it :) it has a built-in see-through hard plastic panel. I also have several types of paper to place over it.... watch this space, for some shots using the box soon...)

This tulip macro was shot using the 50D with my Canon 60mm lens, this was shot indoors with natural light in the background.

We were in London recently, and I decided not to bring my 50D but my Canon Powershot SX210 IS instead - fits perfectly in my handbag and I wanted to experiment more with this camera. Set to shutter speed priority and mostly on or around 1/13, while in Hyde Park, I thought I would experiment more with various in-camera techniques. With the following three shots which possibly could be re-titled "the man with the red top" I, II and III, I mainly used long exposures but not much movement (apart from the subjects themselves) as opposed to my previous "impressionist shots" - see Beautiful Blur II

This was shot in Notting Hill.

This is Kensington Church. Apart from the fact that the SX210 is ideal for me to have all the time when not using the 50D, I love the possibilities of wide angles this camera offers. I will certainly be experimenting more with this type of shot.

More works shot in London using various techniques will be uploaded in my portfolios, online, soon. You can access my portfolios using the links on the right.

Next week, I'll be posting my second Photographer Feature.


  1. Anne, I love your blog. I will definitely be following it and have added a link to my blog.
    Deb xx

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comment Deborah, glad you like my work :)