Sunday, 10 July 2011

Framing negative space

I have wondered at times if I pay more attention to negative space (empty space around a subject) than positive space (the subject itself). I certainly at the time of shooting try to emphasise not only the subject, using space, but the space itself. I find space beautiful in many ways and for many different reasons. Negative space is also the most important when composing, placing your subject in various part (rule of thirds is used as to ensure the surrounding space around the subject is maximised) is basic composition. I also like to break rules (see purity - macro droplet below). Often, the use of negative and positive space, will work when symetrical or when a balance is reach between the two. Use of colours and shape/s of the subject and contrast will also further enhance surrounding space.  

Images below are show a variety of uses of negative space and different perspectives. 

I think it's important to ensure that the use of space is constantly explored, taking in consideration colours, contrast, textures and shapes of the subject or it's surroundings. Creating space and sometimes breaking rules is also ideal to experiment with framing negative and positive space.



 Below, images (macro and close up) where the frame is filled.

An update on my current equipment:

Fujifilm X100
Canon 50D
Canon macro EF-S 60mm
Canon EF-S 55-250 mm IS

More works have been added to my portfolio on Modern Mural

One of my favourite black and white "Mother and child", my son and I shot several years ago. Slightly cropped but was shot filling up the frame as to capture our closeness, I was also after a different perspective for a mother and child portrait, focusing on the eyes and retaining some "privacy".

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