Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Feature: Micklyn

Micklyn is my absolute favourite children/youth portraiture photographer. 

I find Micklyn's work refreshing, creative and I perceive her work as respecting and celebrating her children and their individuality.

Micklyn lives in South Africa, has 10 children, a Canon 600D and a bunch of pencils. She also works with photoshop. 

I asked Micklyn for 5 words describing her work:

Portraiture, emotion, family, childhood, connection  

Click on Micklyn's work to access her portfolio. 

"The Secret Powers of SuperMom... I wish..."

Last year Micklyn's work was published with a tutorial of her "picture in a picture" photos in the Photoshop Creative magazine, Issue 89.


Click here for a great journal by Micklyn "a documentary style record of just one day in my life"

"Adding the Finishing Touches"
"The Collection"

"The Littlest Brother" 

"This is Levi, three weeks old. The hands belong to his five big brothers: Jacob (18), Joshua (16), Johnny (13), Hudson (6) and Reilly (3). It is the cutest thing to have your teenage boys argue over whose turn it is to hold the baby.... not to mention his big sisters who are always asking for a turn, too. Sometimes they let his Dad hold him, too...."

"Heard around my house lately:
“This baby is cooler than a new blackberry.” – Perrin (15) to Jacob (18)
“How d’you get so adawable, hey baby?” – Mila (4) to Levi
“Aw, when he cries he’s SO cute!!” – Gracie (8)
“Do you love me, hey Levi, do you?” – Reilly (3) to Levi"

oh and my cats absolutely worship Micklyn's cat :) 


  1. I've admired Micklyn's work for a while now, it's great to see her images gathered together. Great post Anne.

  2. Aren't her works marvelous? I can tell you now, she is wonderful in personality and amazing in talents and I'm so proud to have her as my Mom! Thank you for doing a great post on her, Anne!
    Tane ♥