Monday, 17 February 2014

St Catherine's Hill ~ Dorset

Images  © Anne Staub

Coming soon 2 more photographers/artists features


  1. So amazing, beautiful, lovely, cool, and pretty pictures you have here! I love the 8th picture, its so nice! :)
    Anyway I am Grace Le Feuvre-Smith... My Mom, (Micklyn, to see her Society6 profile look this up: Anyway like I was saying my Mom told me about your blog and I when to see what it was like. and I love your blog so much! Its lovely, anyway nice post! :) Grace xxx ♥

  2. Hello Grace, thank you, the 8th one is a macro of gorse, "Ulex europaeus" not my favourite plant I must say, it's either very spiky in winter or covered of yellow flowers in the summer, I don't think you have these in South Africa, but I was interested in the droplets and I think, I shot it back in october/november so with lots of spider webs everywhere. Actually at the time, at St Catherine's Hill where I shot all the above, in october/november, I could see "landscapes" of spider webs covering bushes. I also thought this would be my only shot of gorse!! :) as I said it doesn't inspire me... Have you seen this? when I featured your mum. You're on there too :)