Thursday, 27 January 2011


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When I started photography, everything had to be in focus.... it lasted two weeks.... :)

When shooting this type of images, I shoot on aperture priority (always using natural light and handheld) Usually this will be with my Canon IS EFS 55-250 mm - this is still my favourite lens.  This is the lens I used at Chelsea Flower show in London. When using my Canon EFS 60 mm macro lens, I always shoot on full manual. I love the fuji x100 which gives you a wonderful blur on various apertures.


  1. Same here Anne, macro or close up, and shallow depth of field are my very favourite types of photography. I used to use my Ricoh gx100 almost exclusively for close ups, it can focus down to 1cm, it is regarded as a point and shoot camera, but it turns out great results. At the moment I am using an Olympus E-P1 (pen) with an Olympus 50mm macro lens, because the m4/3 cameras in effect double the focal length, the 50mm becomes an100mm lens. The lens is a bit clunky, but it produces great results, it is an f2 lens so I can achieve excellent DoF and bokeh. I always shoot on aperture priority, with experimentation and really getting to know the camera, everything now comes naturally without hardly having to think about it. I enjoyed reading your Blog Anne, look forward to the next one.

  2. Great reading !

    Fabulous work !!