Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The ongoing journey of a portfolio.....

According to one of the websites I use to publish my portfolio, the first group of works below  are a selection of the most "popular" - this selection is made using a combination/formula made of amount of views, clicks, sales, favourites, features.... the second group of works are a selection of my own favourites.

It doesn't always reflect what the author of the image feels about one's work. Sometimes my own favourites are the ones which are "unseen" or don't catch other people's attention with only a few comments, etc........ Why are they my favourites? I think it's due to the process of creating the image, the photographic technique, which could be either an improvement or newly experimented with, due to how I felt at the time of shooting, what I saw then and wanted to capture, also due to the aim and result of the work. Also the result in capturing and/or expressing a certain mood, emotion, message.

For all these reasons, I feel it's important to have a portfolio which represents me, my best work (in this instance, according to my own achievements, expectations and aims), my ideas, my use of various in-camera/photograhy techiques, my creativity whether at the time of shooting only or during post process when adding textures for instance of altering colours.

I very often review my portfolio and remove works regularly, the ones which no longer meet my own expectations or the ones which were not "me" or no longer reflecting my aims and ideas.  I have removed works which have sold or were very popular, these numbers are important and encouraging but I feel should not prioritise one's aim when selecting what stays or goes.

These works are among the high numbers in "popularity" and exposure: (these are also some of my earliest works - which would have an impact on numbers too)

Below are works that are less popular than others but works I quite like for different reasons, as mentioned above: 

How often do you review your portfolio? How do you select what stays? If they differ at times, is popularity or unpopularity of some works more relevant than your creative journey/aims?

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