Friday, 15 April 2011

Surprise feature of Justart.... Sylvia Tax

A surprise feature of the very talented Sylvia - She is passionate about flowers, nature, abstract and colours, and since a young age, has always been creative in photography, art, floristry and fashion. 

I have been following Sylvia's work for some time, 3/4 years and I never cease to be amazed... I love her abstract works and love her ideas. 

Sylivia lives in the Netherlands, works, and regularly creates wonderful photography, interior furnishings designs, t-shirts, cards and a lot more.....  

And in addition to the above, she is very supportive to so many on various sites. I am rather lazy as I would rather favourite works than post comments. Sylvia makes the time to comment on many work and follow so many... I don't know how she does it! :)

I don't think a day passes without seeing in one of my feeds that Sylvia's work has been featured or sold or both. Her passion and kindness is seen at all times.

Sylvia is on several sites offering different products, I have listed them at the end of this post.

Below are three of my favourites

Sylvia's products on

Her wonderful abstract works on MM

Photography and t-shirts on RB

Floral cards on CU

Sylvia's portfolio on zazzle

Sylvia has also made stunning videos showing her work - click here


  1. Excellent choice Anne, your are quite right, Sylvia is very talented!

  2. Thank you so much Anne for featuring me on your fabulous blog !